About Us

     Even though Integrity Die is just getting established, this company has over four decades of combined experience to draw upon. Floyd and Randy share a passion for providing the highest quality tools at an affordable price. This partnership grew from a common desire to provide a higher standard of customer service through better communication and a commitment to quality and value. Our customers are our partners and our friends and as long as we are around, we know that our customers are the sole reason we are in business.

     Randy is as well rounded as anyone in the die industry today, having excelled in each stage of the die making process.  While Randy started in the industry long before the influx of automation hit, he is comfortable in both manual, and automated die manufacture.  Randy is a former manager of a large die manufacturing facility!

     Floyd has almost two decades of full immersion in all aspects of die making and die-cutting.  Floyd has built strong relationships in the industry by using his expertise to engineer tooling and troubleshoot die-cutting problems his customers might be experiencing.  Floyd has the expertise to ensure his customer’s die-cutting operations operate at peak efficiency.

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